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SOLESTAR Cycling Insoles


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SOLESTAR TOUR cycling insoles are designed for mountain bikers, cyclocross riders, and touring cyclists. The unique fiberglass construction provides outstanding support when cycling, but with a degree of flexibility for comfort in walking.

  • Lightweight fiberglass core provides stability for control and comfort
  • Developed for cyclists who need to hike and walk during rides
  • Cushioning and improved foot position reduce risk of injury in any shoe

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SOLESTAR Guarantee
100% satisfied or 6 Weeks Money-Back Guarantee! 

Power to the Pedals

With SOLESTAR TOUR insoles in your cycling shoes, your feet are supported in a position that provides greater stability, comfort, and power transfer when pedaling.

100% designed and manufactured in Germany, featuring a unique fiberglass core.

We recommend SOLESTAR TOUR for use in everyday shoes, sneakers or other sport shoes. For road cycling and MTB shoes we recommend our SOLESTAR KONTROL or SOLESTAR BLK.

The SOLESTAR Concept

SOLESTAR cycling insoles are special both in their design and manufacture. They work better and last longer than many other insoles on the market.

The unique advantage of SOLESTAR cycling insoles is that they hold the foot in the Optimal Neutral Position. This allows to transmit power in the most effective way.

SOLESTAR Six Week Satisfaction Guarantee

We are confident that our insoles will revolutionize your comfort and performance. We encourage you to test the claim for yourself, and if after six weeks you are not 100% satisfied with results, you can return them to SOLESTAR for a full purchase price refund.

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