SOLESTAR Official Supplier of Lidl-TREK Team for 2024

SOLESTAR Official Supplier of Lidl-TREK Team for 2024

For over a decade, Solestar has been the "hidden power" behind many World Tour, Pro Continental, Continental Teams, and everyday cyclists.

In 2024, Solestar became the official insole supplier for the Men’s and Women’s Road Cycling Lidl-TREK Team.

This was the natural next step after years of individually supporting many Lidl-Trek riders (formerly Trek-Segafredo and Trek Factory Racing).

Why do World Tour cyclists prefer Solestar as their top insole brand? What makes Solestar insoles stand out and make them a must-have for professional riders?

Our World Tour journey started in 2011 when we became the official supplier for the Leopard Trek Team.

Since then, we have been supporting thousands of professional cyclists throughout their long careers and many of them becoming National, World, European and Olympic champions.

Cycling shoes are essential for efficiently transferring power from your body to the pedals. The insole design is a key part of this. Carbon shoes, known for their stiffness and light weight, greatly improve power transfer and performance.
However, many cycling shoes don’t have additional support and cushioning for the foot.

The stock insole that comes with the cycling shoes are very thin and have no functionality apart from covering the sole of the shoe.Using these stock insoles and other low quality (foam and sponge) insoles can lead to discomfort, pain, and even injuries over time, especially on longer rides, during intense training sessions or competitions. As a result, any soft insole that can be folded is not suitable for cycling.

SOLESTAR insoles: The Best Cycling Insoles for the Lidl-Trek Cycling Team



Most of cycling insole brands have 3 different insoles for 3 different foot types (flat foot/arch, normal foot/arch, high foot/arch). Solestar keeps your entire foot comfortable during long rides. It uses a patented design to maintain a neutral position from heel to forefoot. This helps prevent discomfort and pain.

Solestar insoles can help you to improve your power and reduce pain, pressure points, numb toes, sleeping toes, burning feet, etc.

Find your Solestar cycling insoles and feel the difference.