Technology Updating Work

SOLESTAR insoles are unparalleled both in their design and manufacture. Due to their unique concept SOLESTAR insoles are able to bring the foot in the Optimal Neutral Position. The patented design and a stabilizing layer of fibre material enable the insoles to hold the foot in this position even under heavy load.

Highly Functional

Most insoles are categorised into foot types, such as 'high arch', 'flat arch', 'over-pronator' or 'under-pronator'. SOLESTAR's extensive research and experience has shown that creating an insole for the different foot types mostly reproduces the existing misplacement which does not provide the best position for the gait of the foot. No matter what foot type, the neutral position is where all feet should be positioned in as it places the foot in an upright position that transmits power in the most ergonomic and effective way.

Superior Product Quality

SOLESTAR insoles are made of robust materials of the highest quality. The carbon fiber reinforced footbed is not only stronger and more supportive, it also lasts exceptionally long. Adapted to the individual needs of each sport, the fibers are aligned in the direction of stabilization or cushioning. In this way, the ankle joint and the arch of the foot are supported and other areas such as the forefoot and toe area are comfortably positioned.