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  • SOLESTAR NORDIC - Solestar The Sole Of Sports
  • SOLESTAR NORDIC - Solestar The Sole Of Sports
  • SOLESTAR NORDIC - Solestar The Sole Of Sports
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Size selection: Choose the size of the insole identical to your shoe size. 1/3 sizes are rounded down. Half sizes are rounded down. 2/3 sizes are rounded up.

Examples: If your shoe size is 44.5 choose Solestar size 44. If your shoe size is 44 2/3 choose Solestar size 45.



The SOLESTAR NORDIC is specially designed for Nordic skiing, including classic and skate techniques, as well as roller skiing. It provides optimal support and stability for the foot, enhancing performance and reducing the risk of injuries. With its unique design and materials, the NORDIC insole offers improved power transfer, better balance, and enhanced comfort, allowing Nordic skiers to maximize their performance on the tracks.

    Symptoms & Effects

    + Works with any foot type
    e.g. flat, splay or hollow feet

    + Avoid injuries and increase athletic performance
    e.g. improved sprints

    + Relieve and prevent pain
    e.g. heel spur, hallux, but also knee and back pain

    + Compensate leg position
    e.g. bow legs or knock-knees, and leg length differences

    + non-slip surface for best grip during rapid changes of direction


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    Neutral Position Explained

    For every foot, the neutral position is the most efficient position, especially when the foot is subjected to stress. Regardless of individual foot type, the patented design of the SOLESTAR NORDIC insole stabilizes the foot in the correct position. The stabilizing core of the insole ensures that the foot remains in a neutral position, helping to protect muscles and joints from overuse.

    Money Back Guarantee

    We are confident that our insoles will revolutionize your comfort and performance. We encourage you to test the claim for yourself, and if after six weeks you are not 100% satisfied with results, you can return them to SOLESTAR for a full purchase price refund.

    Concept & Production

    Designed and manufactured in Germany.

    SOLESTAR NORDIC insoles are based on the patented SOLESTAR insole concept for maximized stability and power transfer.

    The unique advantage of SOLESTAR insoles is that they hold the foot in the Optimal Neutral Position. This allows to transmit power in the most effective way.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Brian H.
    Nice upgrade

    I replaced the stock soles with a pair of solestar nordic soles and felt the additional support right away. After a short acclimation period, I am much more confident and stable on my skis.

    Mark R.
    High Quality Insoles

    As the instructions state, it takes your feet about 3 outings to acclimate. After this period, the insole does its job, providing solid support. Alex, my Birkie German skiing buddy, was envious and immediately ordered a pair of his own! Trying to decide which pair of footwear is next for a Solestar upgrade.